The world is filled with bugs.  Some of the bugs are useful and help to prolong and build the environment.  There are others however that are just around to make an annoyance in both human and animal lives.  The main one that seems to cause the most problem is the tick.  For this reason, a tick extermination company charleston is the company you want to hire.

Cut your grass

Ticks and other insects love to play in the tall grass.  Grass will create a great cool area for them to lay their eggs and will be tall enough to use as jumping points to get on your skin, in your dog’s hair and anywhere they can to cause havoc.  When you cut the grass you are destroying this environment and forcing them to die or move.

Remove standing water

You never want to have standing water in your yard.  When we have standing water we are creating an environment that bugs love.  They will use the water to drink from as well as lay their eggs.  When their eggs hatch they will quickly swarm the area causing more and more destruction.


tick extermination company charleston

One of the best preventative measures is to have a company come and spray the area. When they spray the area it will cover the grass, land and everything with a poison that will keep them from breeding and will kill them off as well.  When spraying you want to use an environmentally friendly company and product.  The last thing that you want to have happen is have runoff of these chemicals go into your water supply or the environment.  Solving one problem and introducing another is never a good solution.

Start Early

You want to start your preventative measures early in the season.  The sooner you start to circumvent the issues the more likely you won’t have a problem.